Research Engine Test Setup

Research Engine Test Setup

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Product Description

Since 1998, we have been meeting the demands of our clients by offering optimum quality Research Engine Test Setup. Manufactured by the most trusted experts of industry, this machine is available in various technical specifications. It is available on numerous specifications so as to meet the requirements of customers. This is provided with necessary instruments for combustion pressure, crank-angle, airflow, fuel flow, temperatures and load measurements. Clients can avail this Research Engine Test Setup from us at nominal prices.   


  • Space saving design
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to operate
  • VCR:Changing CR without stopping the engine Multi fuel: Diesel and Petrol operation Advancements: Diesel injection point & Spark point advancement
  • Resolution: Pressure plot data with 1 deg resolution
  • Self start: Electric starting arrangement
  • On line results: PΘ-PV plots, IP, IMEP, FP indication & combustion analysis
The setup consists of single cylinder, four stroke, VCR (Variable Compression Ratio) Research engine connected to eddy current dynamometer. It is provided with necessary instruments for combustion pressure, crank-angle, airflow, fuel flow, temperatures and load measurements. These signals are interfaced to computer through high speed data acquisition. The set up has stand-alone panel box consisting of air box, twin fuel tank for duel fuel test, manometer, fuel measuring unit, transmitters for air and fuel flow measurements, process indicator and piezo powering unit. Rotameters are provided for cooling water and calorimeter water flow measurement.

The setup enables study of VCR engine performance for both Diesel and Petrol, for brake power, indicated power, frictional power, BMEP, IMEP, brake thermal efficiency, indicated thermal efficiency, Mechanical efficiency, volumetric efficiency, specific fuel consumption, Air fuel ratio, heat balance and combustion analysis.

Single cylinder four stroke, water cooled, Kirloskar engine modified to VCR Diesel and VCR Petrol. The compression ratio can be changed without stopping the engine and without altering the combustion chamber geometry by specially designed tilting cylinder block arrangement is made to run engine in constant speed and variable speed mode. Facility for Diesel injection point and spark point advancement is provided. Engine is with electric starting arrangement.

Engine Soft is Lab view based software developed by Apex Innovations for engine performance monitoring system. It can serve most of the engine testing application needs including monitoring, reporting, data entry, data logging. It evaluates power, efficiencies, fuel consumption and heat release. It is configurable as per engine set up.

While on line testing of the engine in RUN mode necessary signals are scanned, stored and presented in graph. Stored data file is accessed to view the data graphical and tabular formats. The results and graphs can be printed. The data in excel format can be used for further analysis.

Product is supplied with best quality instruments. The eddy current dynamo meter is SAJ, Pune make. The components like Combustion pressure sensor (PCB Piezotronics, USA), crank angle sensor(Kubler, Germany), Fuel flow transmitter(Yokogawa, Japan), Temperature & pressure transmitters(Wika, Germany), High speed data acquisition device (National instruments, USA) are of MNC grades.

Technical Specifications
  • Product: Research Engine test setup 1 cylinder, 4 stroke, Multi fuel, VCR, Product code 240
  • Engine: Type 1 cylinder, 4 stroke, water cooled, stroke 110 mm, bore 87.5 mm. Capacity 661 cc. Diesel mode: Power 3.5 KW, Speed 1500 rpm, CR range 12:1-18:1. Injection variation:0- 25 Deg BTDC Petrol mode: Power 4.5 KW @ 1800 rpm, Speed range 1200-1800 rpm, CR range 6:1-10:1, Spark variation: 0-70 deg BTDC
  • Dynamo meter: Type eddy current, water cooled, with loading unit
  • Propeller shaft: With universal joints
  • Air box: M S fabricated with orifice meter and manometer
  • Fuel tank: Capacity 15 lit, Type: Duel compartment, with fuel metering pipe of glass
  • Calorimeter: Type Pipe in pipe
  • Piezo sensor: Combustion: Range 5000 PSI, with low noise cable, Diesel line: Range 5000 PSI, with low noise cable
  • Crank angle sensor: Resolution 1 Deg, Speed 5500 RPM with TDC pulse.
  • Data acquisition device: NI USB-6210, 16-bit, 250kS/s.
  • Piezo powering unit: Make - Cuadra, Model AX-409.
  • Temperature sensor: Type RTD, PT100 and Thermocouple, Type K
  • Temperature transmitter: Type two wire, Input RTD PT100, Range 0–100 Deg C, Output 4–20 mA and Type two wire, Input Thermocouple,
  • Load indicator: Digital, Range 0-50 Kg, Supply 230VAC
  • Load sensor: Load cell, type strain gauge, range 0-50 Kg
  • Fuel flow transmitter: DP transmitter, Range 0-500 mm WC
  • Air flow transmitter: Pressure transmitter, Range (-) 250 mm WC
  • Software: "Enginesoft" Engine performance analysis software
  • Rotameter: Engine cooling 40-400 LPH; Calorimeter 25-250 LPH
  • Pump: Type Monoblock
  • Overall dimensions: W 2000 x D 2500 x H 1500 mm
Utilities required
  • Electric supply
  • 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 phase.
Water supply: Continuous, clean and soft @ 1000 LPH

Computer: Specifications subject to change without notice IBM compatible with standard configuration

Foundation: As per foundation drawing