IC Engine Test Rig

The mentioned test rigs and turbines are ruggedly constructed and have a compact design so that a lot of space can be saved. Such turbines and rigs also contains box type manometer for ensuring proper flow of air. I. C. Engine Test Rigs & Turbines have been designed and developed to offer mechanical, thermal and volumetric efficiency. Apart from all these efficiencies, such turbines enables high performance for specific consumption of fuel, brake, indicated and frictional power. Various features such as calorimeter temperature, engine jacket for water outlet and inlet are displayed on the temperature indicator. Our offered range of I. C. Engine Test Rigs & Turbines is computerized as well as petrol and diesel based.

Key Points:

  • Available with digital display to indicate load, temperature and non-contact speed
  • Includes Rotameters to cool the water and measure calorimeter flow
  • Turbines are available with different capacities that produce power ranging from 1 to 3KW
  • Analysis is done on the basis of online measurements, combustion and performance