Dual-Axis Tracker Experiment Equipment

Dual-Axis Tracker Experiment Equipment

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Product Description

Following are the Features of our Dual-Axis Tracker Experiment Equipment:-

1. Improve generation of electric power by Dual Axis type
2. Pursuit sunlight system programing
3. Possible transfer to pursuit sunlight system using sensor
4. 170w~220w's 1 sunlight module is able to installation
5. Suitability the room research equipment cause easy system composition and move
6. Possible application education control tracker of sunlight
7. Possible application installation education and development of sunlight tracker
8. Possible application education of sunlight tracker control circuit design
9. Possible application home generation system
10. Possible application purpose of sunlight tracker exhibition.
11. Possible application when preparation research and document concern of sunlight


1. Solar Module 1EA, 200W
- Efficiency 13.89%
- 1 Module 200W
- Output voltage 26.2V
- Output ampere 7.63A

2. Control box 1EA
- Tracker circuit
- Tracker control program
- 220V

3. Slew Driver Motor 2EA

4.Module size: 1482*942*35(mm)