Appratus of CD Notches

Appratus of CD Notches

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Product Description

Closed Circuit Test Rig: Apparatus for determination of Cd of notches

a)  Apparatus consists of an M.S. supply tank of size 100 liters with baffles and screens for steadying the water and a provision to fix the interchangeable notches.  A hook/pointer gauge with suitable fittings is provided to measure the water level.  A stop watch and an M.S. collecting tank of size 90 liters., with a gauge glass scale fitting, a drain valve and a bend are provided to measure the actual flow rate.
b)  The following set of 3 notches of size made of 10 gauge brass sheets are provided to conduct the experiments
            1. Rectangular Notch
            2. Trapezoidal (Cippolotti) notch
            3. V notch (90 deg)
c)  A 220 volt AC, 1.0 HP, single phase monoblock ISI pumpset with suitable pipe fittings, strainer foot valve, and switch is provided to supply water to the test rig.
d)  A sump tank of size 250 liters with suitable drain is provided to store the water.  A strong iron stand fitted with wheels supports the complete test rig.  The unit is moveable.
All tanks are provided with FRP lining for total rust protection