Appratus for Study of Cavitation

Appratus for Study of Cavitation

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Closed Circuit Test Rig: Apparatus for study of cavitation BK-2 type


a)  The consists of a high discharge 5HP monoblock centrifugal pump (440 Volts, 3 Phase) pumping water from an MS tank of 400 liters capacity through an orificemeter, a transparent venturimeter and suitable flow control valve back into the tank in a closed circuit form. 
b)  The venturimeter is machined from a solid acrylic block and is provided with pressure taps at the inlet and throat sections.  When the flow rate is increased the static pressure at its throat is decreased and when this equals the vapour pressure, cavitation begins.  At this point, visual observation of the inception and growth of the cavitation accompanied by the rattling noise can be observed at the transparent throat.
c)  A pressure gauge and compound gauge is provided to measure the pressure at the inlet and throat of the venturimeter during cavitation.  A set of pressure gauges are also provided for the orificemeter to measure the flow rate.  Other accessories include switch, starter for the pump and suitable piping and regulating valve.
All tanks are provided with FRP lining for total rust protection